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Windows revenue takes another bad beating

IDG News | 2015.07.24 09:00

Microsoft's Windows revenue again declined by double digits, the third straight such quarter, with sales of licenses to computer makers down 22% from the same period last year.

Amazon posts a profit as AWS sales nearly double

IDG News | 2015.07.24 07:37

Amazon earned $92 million in the second quarter on higher overall revenue.

Google reports strong earnings, propelling its stock

IDG News | 2015.07.17 00:50

Growth in the company's revenue, however, has slowed in recent years.

Infosys revenue and profit rise ahead of CEO change

IDG News | 2014.07.11 12:17

SAP's former technology chief Vishal Sikka will take over as CEO of Infosys on Aug. 1

Singapore Internet advertising market grows

IDG News | 2014.06.13 10:37

Singapore's total Internet advertising revenue is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 10.3%, according to PwC's Global entertainment and media outlook 2014-2018 (Outlook).

Twitter doubles revenue but profit remains elusive

IDG News | 2014.02.06 10:00

The site increased its user base by 30 percent from last year but investors still pushed its stock lower.

Xbox One, holiday sales drive Microsoft to record revenue

IDG News | 2014.01.24 07:43

Microsoft easily blew away analyst estimates, thanks to its consumer businesses and Surface tablet. But Windows revenues decreased.

Nvidia drops Tegra revenue forecast as Windows RT woes loom

IDG News | 2013.08.08 07:59

Tegra revenue will fall by as much as 40 percent this year, the company said.

Processor market to get boost from smartphones, tablets

IDG News | 2013.01.23 09:15

IC Insights says tablets and smartphones will take a larger chunk of overall processor shipments and revenue.

Cisco Q1 profit and revenue grew despite weakness in Europe

IDG News | 2012.11.14 10:15

The company's revenue and profit increased, led by U.S. growth.

Seagate reports $US3.7bn revenue for Q1 FY13

IDG News | 2012.11.07 07:07

Storage products vendors, Seagate Technology, has announced that it recorded revenue of approximately $US3.7 billion with a gross margin of 28.4 per cent, net income of $US582 million, and diluted earnings per share of $US1.42 on a generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) basis for its first fiscal quarter of 2013, which ended on September 28.

Amazon counts on Kindle after posting first loss in nine years

IDG News | 2012.10.26 18:40

Amazon.com made a net loss in the third quarter, its first loss in nine years, even as revenue increased by 27% year on year.

SAP reports strong third quarter, revises 2012 outlook

IDG News | 2012.10.24 18:40

SAP on Wednesday reported double-digit revenue growth in the third quarter, benefiting from a strong performance in the Americas and growth in the Asia-Pacific and Japan region, and high demand for its new technologies like HANA across all regions.

Nokia sales take a big hit as buyers pass on its smartphones

IDG News | 2012.10.18 17:55

Nokia continues to struggle as its third-quarter smartphone unit sales dropped by 63 percent compared to last year, while some warn that expectations for the arrival of its first phones based on Windows Phone 8 should not be too high.

IBM reports sluggish quarter

IDG News | 2012.10.17 18:36

For its most recent financial quarter, IBM experienced declining revenue and flat income, though it still managed to deliver increased earnings per share.

IDC: Storage spending defied economic woes in Q2

IDG News | 2012.09.07 07:20

Full-featured modular systems helped drive midrange storage revenue up by double digits.

Facebook boosts revenue by 32 percent in first public financial report

IDG News | 2012.07.27 10:02

The company also reported a net loss, attributable to IPO-related costs.

Zynga swings to loss, partly blames Facebook

IDG News | 2012.07.26 08:33

Zynga's users on Facebook are said to have declined because of a change in the platform.

BitTorrent looks to share some revenue with artists

IDG News | 2012.07.25 08:49

The move might help the company monetize its massive user base.

Apple misses revenue target, says Mountain Lion coming Wednesday

IDG News | 2012.07.25 08:48

Apple also disclosed that iOS 6 will arrive in the fall, but there was no word on its next iPhone.

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